Customer loyalty is one of the most critical issues facing the services business world today.

The path-to-purchase within the services industries has become a business model that frames the critical stages of the customer experience. No one can deny that poor customer service is rampant in all areas of the services business sector. Jack Welch, the former success guru from General Electric, has a famous quote, “If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.” However, employee performance and nearly every other customer-facing element of business is rendered subjective without the timely input from the customer.

With Customer Response-Ability™, the key missing ingredient for successfully managing customer service is found – staff accountability through a perpetual, objective measurement system. CR-A provides the technology for evaluating customer service performance by asking a customer one (or more as time permits) questions at the point of a transaction utilizing an electronic payment device. The customer inputs the answer utilizing the pad keys (or touch screen).

Throughout the services industries, a perpetual customer service data gathering tool is now available. With continuous and consistent real time data measurement at the transaction level, a quantitative employee performance system is established to facilitate accountability. So whether you’re a retailer, a restaurant owner, a home delivery company, a bank or even a taxi driver…this patented process offers you the opportunity to capture customer impressions at the point of impact.

This product is unique and refreshing in its ability to bring to the services industries the linkage of the measuring stick of employee performance and customer perceptions with operational, financial, and affinity metrics.

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