why CR-A?

In the highly competitive business environment, a more robust and time sensitive measurement of customer satisfaction is needed. Currently customer service market research is a lagging indicator because of the data capture methods. Market research has not been able to keep pace with financial and behavioral real time reporting mechanisms. Also, customer needs and perceptions change from experience to experience. The process of managing, measuring and improving the customer experience must evolve at the same pace as transaction activity. Continuously measuring customer feedback allows companies to align service quality with customer expectations…in a dynamic business environment.

Customer Response-Ability™ is an employee performance measurement platform that utilizes technology to accomplish a continuous service performance data flow used to motivate employees to higher performance levels through the use of quantitative reporting, and consistent, steady recognition/reward systems. Currently, business managers within the services industries have no reliable, quantitative method for measuring and managing employee customer service performance.

Vision-1 is poised to revolutionize the service performance industry. The Company’s innovative business process will re-engineer the science of customer service market research with a continuous measurement system that mirrors the fluid nature of customer service performance. Additionally, it adds the foundational dynamic necessary for service performance – “staff accountability” - to the service loyalty equation. Thus, the system can provide the customer service picture needed for continuous process improvement at the unit/store level as well as globally. 

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